Clean Eating

What does clean eating really mean?

It seems like everyone and their grandmother has jumped on the ‘clean-eating’ bandwagon. Whether it’s to lose weight, feel healthier or because of a dietary need, clean eating seems like the way to go. But what does it really mean? Well, clean eating to you may have a different definition than to the person next to you, and that’s okay! Like most things in life, there is not one right answer. To each their own. To me, clean eating means eating mostly plant-based meals, but never depriving myself of what I want.


I am here to simply share with all of you the recipes that make me feel healthier and eager to get out of bed every day and will hopefully do the same for you! I will share some easy meal plans that work wonders for us busy/ too lazy to cook mommies. Also, keep an eye out for my “What I ate Wednesdays” posts, where I will walk you through a whole day of busy mommy eating, while still keeping it healthy. Follow along with me, save, share, or pin the recipes and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve tried any! I hope you enjoy “eating clean” with me!