What’s in My Hospital Bag?

It seems like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. Now I am sitting here, 35 weeks along, wondering where the time has gone. Although we are all super excited to meet this little baby, I sure am going to miss feeling their little kicks, hiccups and rolls inside my belly. But, regardless of how I feel, this baby is not going to stay inside my belly forever, so I thought I would share with you guys what I have packed in my hospital bag.

To start, we are actually bringing three bags with us to the hospital; one for mommy, one for daddy and baby’s diaper bag. Most things have been packed, except for daddy’s bag. Most of those items are things we use on a daily basis, so I have a list of all the last minute items sitting on top of our bags so we do not forget anything in the rush to the hospital.

Mommy’s Bag:

  1.  Birth Plan
  2. Comfy Clothes (sweat pants, oversized shirt)
  3. House Slippers/ Flip-flops
  4. Baby Book (I love the one I got from Pearhead)
  5. Disposable Underwear (I’ve heard these are a MUST)
  6. Small Purse with ID, insurance card, any medications, ect.
  7. Pads (I have also heard these are a MUST if you do not want to use the giant ones the hospital gives you)
  8. Nursing Bra, Nipple Pads and Cream
  9. Fuzzy Socks (Because.. fuzzy socks.)
  10. Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, ect.
  11. Stuffed Animal (Because I find a nice, soft stuffed animal soothing, plus the baby gets it when they are born)


Daddy’s Bag:

  1.  Cell Phones and Charger
  2. Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, hair products, ect.)
  3. Pillow (Daddy deserves to be comfy too)
  4. Puzzle Books (Sudoku is my favorite!)
  5. Drinks and Snacks (Just because mommy can’t eat during labor, doesn’t mean daddy shouldn’t be able to eat.)
  6. Labor Music (extremely helpful for meditation)
  7. Notebook (to keep track of feedings)
  8. Change of Clothing
  9. Extra Bag (for all the stuff the hospital sends home with you)

Diaper Bag:

  1.  Receiving Blankets
  2. Socks, Mittens and Hat
  3. Three or Four Onesies
  4. A Few Diapers and Wipes (only because we prefer to use the brand we chose)
  5. First-Aid Kit (so that the nurses can show us how to use the items)
  6. Soothing Pacifiers (we chose these ones from Avent, made specifically for newborns)
  7. The Cutest Baby Sunglasses (because we live in Arizona, they are a MUST.)